We are Lysan (29) and Benjamin (30) and we are fascinated by the RV-life in America. Big RV’s with everything you need and the ability to park wherever you want. That is exactly what we wanted. With your own bed to the great locations.

In Europe everything is smaller and so are the RV’s. Whats common on this continent is Vanlife. Minivans with nothing in it… thats for sure not our dream so we called us RVingEurope and bought a motorhome and improved it with everything we needed. Well we still miss a dryer but we got no room for it… so it’s still a little smaller than in America.

We started our new life in 2018 and since then we traveled through Europe chasing 70° Fahrenheit (20° Celsius). So far it works with the exceptions of Scotland and the North Cape where it’s always a little colder.

We documented our travels on YouTube and would love it if you find us there as well.

Lysan and Benjamin