What to expect

I love technology and I’m convinced we should use it.

In our RV I have changed a lot and I will show you what and how. Just to mention a few things:

  • Solar. To start with the obvious thing, we installed solar. It is many watts and I can tilt it up.
  • Battery. No RV with no battery. We installed a Lithium (LiFeYPo4) battery. I made a battery pack from four 3.2V packs with a balance and voltage management system.
  • Inverter. Most of the electronics work on DC power but there are some that need AC. For that we installed a big inverter.
  • Sofa. The whole sofa is covered with a new fabric in ivory white.
  • Sliding door. We separated the driver’s cab and the living area with a winter proof sliding door. But actually there were three reasons to built it.
  • Kitchen counter. Well We didn’t really wanted to built a new one but it had to…
  • Windows. No not MS Windows… We replaced one and resealed the others for a good reason.




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